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Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd.'s predecessor was founded in 1949. In December 1999 a joint venture with total assets of 3.0 billion was established, integrating passenger cars, commercial vehicles and parts production. It is the birthplace of the first China made pickup truck with independent intellectual property rights and therefore rated the multi-purpose vehicle backbone enterprises of China, the national automobile export bases, national high-tech enterprises.

The company already has in Hebei Zhongxing , Yichang ZTE and overseas KD plant as three main global production bases and two R & D centers.

Baoding production base produces pickups products, currently employing nearly 4,000 people , with the annual production capacity of 50,000. The main production lines are all controlled by computer, from raw materials entering the workshop to built-up vehicles are completed within the joint plant .

Baoding base product development center gathers a large number of scientific and technological elite , with a strong ability to develop the vehicle , developed by high-end pickup Tiger TUV and Admiral won the favor of consumers and society alike in the market as a major public, commercial use pickups .

Zhongxing Automobile exports hit collar brands in the same industry to achieve large-scale exports overseas. It is the first national automotive products 3C certified. It passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 28 U.S. RAB certification, Chile certification, export certification Gulf six countries and Iran EU certification, the Ministry of Commerce and the NDRC assessed as " China 's foreign trade credit system designated exemplary unit", " China national vehicle export Base ." Zhongxing pickup truck is one of the pickups of similar products in Libya , Iraq, Syria, Iran and South America and many other countries and regions that competes with joint venture brands. Since 2003 , Zhongxing consecutively set up record by biggest single batch exports among the exporters of the trade, total exports and CKD / SKD parts export number being the first . It is further celebrated as " China 's auto market product quality and customer satisfaction top brand".

In 2011, Zhongxing products, with heritage accumulated 60 years of independent research and development capabilities , excellent performance and a wealth of experience in marketing overseas , obtained the Australian ADR certification, marking the formal entry of Grand Tiger pickup into the developed markets , and with the development enhance market sales , and constantly improve service standards , and thus to nurture these high standards of service to the domestic market. Zhongxing vehicles again led the industry to reach to a high standard of service .

Zhongxing's passenger car are produced in Yichang production base , with total investment of 3.0 billion, covers an area of 1 million square meters. The planned production capacity of 200,000 units. In addition to the production vehicle, the engine, transmission , seats and other parts based in the industrial park , the project will add 200,000 capacity. Yichang plant is currently a joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile, which is engaged in passenger car parts procurement, technology integration and sales of passenger operations . Yichang plant currently has an independent research institute, designers are from well-known institutions rich in experiences in the field of automotive design. Product and market for passenger cars has a profound insight , inspiration combined with the unique art technology , value-added products for consumers and other automotive products.

Yichang plant has nearly 1,000 employees. Production facilities are purchased from international and domestic famous brands , the production line , robotics , precision manufacturing guarantee, assurance the quality build.

The first passenger car C3 product in December 2013 officially launched on the market , which models set tough atmosphere looks and advanced technology , excellent performance in one, receiving wide acclaim consumers.

Within the newly built Zhongxing Auto Factory we have 15 computerized production lines with at total length of 7 kilometers. Our vehicles undergo four processes during manufacturing.

Zhongxing has nearly 200 suppliers home and abroad to establish a high-level platform for global parts supply. Zhongxing Automobile strictly controls every aspect of the value chain , from zero parts production, procurement to integrate the various processes , taking 360 -degree testing and quality control to ensure the quality of vehicle meets the design objectives and customer needs.

Zhongxing Automobile in China has more than 300 dealers, nearly 400 service stations; products are exported to over 90 countries and regions, has a call center 24 hours to provide consumers with personalized service. The service level the company implements dealers, service stations and Zhongxing itself services feedback collection for customer care, to help customers understand and become familiar with Zhongxing Automobile by taking initiative for the customer to eliminate the hidden risks, increasing the effective life of the product , to ensure to the greatest degree of interest of customers .

Zhongxing Automobile upholds the "Perseverance, Exploration" entrepreneurial spirit , minding the of ideal of "industry serve the country" and the spirit of "benevolence " , in close collaboration with suppliers , distributors, to provide customers with value , social responsibility , revitalizing the national automotive industry.