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At present, the Parties are also in negotiations for a Technical Cooperation Agreement which is expected to be completed soon.

ZXAUTO is preparing US versions of its The Landmark™ series of SUVs and Grand Tiger™ pickup trucks to be sold by ZXNA in the United States in 2007. ZXNA is seeking a select group of dealers in the United States to retail these fuel efficient SUVs and pickup trucks which will have superior quality and outstanding economic value.

ZXAUTO looks forward to a very long and rewarding future with our partner ZXNA.

ZXAUTO and AL-AHYAB signed a contract for 5,000 vehicles to Iraq in Mar, 2006.

In March, ZXAUTO’s new product, The Landmark™, passed through the mandatory collision test in Changchun first time.

In July, ZXAUTO and Russian Avtotor Company signed an agreement for the export of 75,000 units via CKD for the following 5 years.

In August, ZXAUTO attended the 4th Changchun International Automobile Exposition of 2005. This is the first time that the The Landmark™ vehicle was displayed. In this exhibition, the The Landmark™ received plenty of media attention and was awarded “the most popular SUV”.

In September, the Chinese Education Television Station purchased an Admiral 4WD as their official vehicle for a large-scale Education interview project. They chose the Admiral after researching other vehicles manufactured here in China.

On September 18, the first The Landmark™ was sold to a German (Mr. Wagner) who lived in Peking. This was the first step of The Landmark™’s international journey.

In October, the new Visual Identification system was brought into use. This is the ZXAUTO logo that is recognized now world wide.

In October, ZXAUTO together with the news medias from Baoding went to Sinkiang for a test of the The Landmark™ SUV. Throughout the journey of 7,000 km, The The Landmark™ continually demonstrated its’ high standards of performance and reliability.

On November 3, “The Signing Ceremony of The Letter of Intent Between ZXAUTO and the American “Mel Rapton Group” was held in ZXAUTO.

In March, ZXAUTO (the only Chinese auto manufacturer representing China) attended the Panama International Trade Exposition 2004, which attracted more than 1300 manufacturers world wide.

In May, ZXAUTO was selected as “the most satisfied brand of quality and reputation in China” in the catagory of “the First Products’ Quality Investigation” held by People’s Daily newspaper.

In June, ZXAUTO attended The 8th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition. The Cruiser 2400 and other 4WD SUVs were displayed and received high praise.

In September, the R/D Center was brought into use. This created a stable foundation for ZXAUTO’s association with overseas high-tech companies.

In November, the Admiral line of ZXAUTO took part in and ranked second out of 14 autos in the International Cross-country Auto Competition. This is the first experience that a Chinese auto participated in the competition in the Arctic Circle.

In November, ZXAUTO’s Customs bonded warehouse went into service under the approval of Chinese Customs, and ZXAUTO became the only automobile manufacturer who retains a bonded warehouse in Hebei province.

In 2004, ZXAUTO signed the agreement for building an assembly factory in Russia with a Russian foreign trader. The annual output of the factory is 50,000 units.

In 2004, ZXAUTO exported 6,318 autos, and ranked first in the line of Pickups and SUVs.

ZXAUTO received the GCC certificate from six Central East Gulf countries in Aug, 2004.

4,000 vehicles exported to Libya in September, 2003. That year we exported an additional 3,000 vehicles to various countries bring a total of our exports to 7,000 for the year 2003.

During the grueling “Ali mountain race” on 29th ,Nov.,2003,the Admiral 4x4 SUV, and the Cruiser SUV went through 3,500 miles, 19 days, at the average altitude of 5,000 meters. The highest altitude of the race course is 5,800 meters.

ZXAUTO was the top of domestic export in China. 2,000 vehicles were shipped to Libya in May, 2003.
100 units CKD were exported to Egypt at the end of 2003. This was the first time that an export in the form of a CKD (Chinese vehicles assembled abroad) occurred with ZXAUTO.

ZXAUTO’s quality management system gained the CAQC (ISO9001) and American RAB certificates. Our milestone is that ZXAUTO maintains the ISO9001:2000 quality system.

500 units of ZXAUTO pickups were shipped to Iraq in Mar, 2000.

In May 2000 ZXAUTO opened their first after-sale total service center in Iraq and sent engineers to train the Iraqi technicians.

A ship loaded with ZXAUTO pickups sailed for Egypt, the UAE, and Vietnam on 30th, Dec, 2000. This ship exported 1,126 units in total by the end of the year 2000. ZXAUTO pickups accounted for 10% of domestic pickups export quantity and has become one of the popular brands in world markets.