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Aspiring Automobile "China Dream"-New Sail - Zhongxing Auto Shanghai International Auto Show

Fresh face, fresh start. Recently, with the assumption of the leadership of the new government, "China Dream" has inspired every Chinese people and Chinese companies to fight for their ideals. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the Chinese dream is to "achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation". For the individuals, the Chinese dream is shared by the National People's "opportunities to shine one's best moments of life, to realize one's dreams and to enjoy together with the motherland the era of growth and advancement. With your dreams and opportunities, anything wonderful could be created through hard work."

As China's auto enterprises, the Chinese dream speaks itself for the Chinese automotive for them to compete with foreign brands in the competitive market, to establish the country's status as one industrial power, while the Shanghai Auto Show is the Chinese independent auto makers' "stage" to achieve the dream of China, to show their "hard work results ".

The same age as the Country, Zhongxing Automobile after 64 years of innovation and development, has been upholding the "Perseverance, Exploring" spirit of enterprise, and minding the ideal of "industry serve the country", to take the revitalization of the national auto industry as its mission, and constantly enhance their own R & D and manufacturing capability. 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, Zhongxing Automobile will show Grand Tiger TUV, Grand Tiger SUV, and Urban Ark AUV, the GT version of the Urban Ark, and Land Ark among the first timers. In addition, the highly exposed "Libyan version" will also be at display from the original appearance of the battlefield. Such a powerful lineup is the best interpretation of Zhongxing Automobile's constant diligence for the realization of the Chinese dream.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, the Zhongxing Automobile Urban Ark AUV and Urban Ark GT version will be the first officially unveiled. Urban Ark AUV meaning leisure utility vehicle (Activity Utility Vehicle), on the basis of cross-country style mixed with a more personalized fashion elements. Target younger consumer groups whose career has just started, and whom carries the dream, an active life style and is full of longing for life, dedicated and at the same time; do not forget to enjoy life. Urban Ark AUV's stylish appearance, exquisite interior, excellent handling, and larger space can meet the various needs of their work and life. It is understood that the Urban Ark AUV after the first appearance of the Shanghai Auto Show, will be launched in June this year in the domestic market.

It is noteworthy that, Zhongxing Automobile's main push models are Urban Ark GT version. GT, full name Grand Touring, the original meaning was "large-scale carriage used in long-distance travel", while the GT version of the car now refers to the high-performance sports car, definitely not something generic once called a GT. Urban Ark GT version will be released the first time at the Shanghai Auto Show, triggering much expectation from consumers.

Zhongxing Automobile at the same time will display another passenger car products Land Ark, off-road performance of which is very prominent, better than a lot others in the segment. It is truly an off-road "tough guy", favored by the specific consumers in market.

At its booth, China's first pickup shape SUV called Grand Tiger TUV will also be unveiled to public visions. Pickup and SUV in the mindset of the Chinese consumers are limited to certain restrictions. However, in the United States, pickup truck and SUV are largely on the same production platform, for example, Ford Expedition SUV and Raptor pickup use same platform; Toyota Tundra pickup and Sequoia use the same platform. Taking in SUV advantages, the pick-up off-road features become more obvious. The Grand Tiger TUV is between pickup and SUV, with the appearance of a pick-up but interior style, handling and comfort more mainstream SUV like, more stylish than a pick-up and more payload than an SUV, creating a segment. Grand Tiger SUV is another strategic product to be exhibited in the Shanghai Auto Show for the first time. It uses the same platform with Grand Tiger TUV with ZX Auto's off-road DNA, giving advantages from appearance to performance SUV products.

As an off-road vehicle manufacturing veteran, Zhongxing Automobile involved in the field of passenger cars in the 1970s by its production TY213 light off-road vehicles and applied to a wide range of industries. This all-metal body SUV is the later SUV's predecessor. Subsequently, Zhongxing Automobile launched Landmark off-road vehicles, well received by the market and users. 64 years of development history and heritage backup Zhongxing Automobile's true ability and strength toward passenger cars. With Urban Ark series debut at Shanghai, the manufacturer has turned a whole new page of its growth and development combining the passenger segment.

Insiders pointed out that in foreign markets, the pickup is a symbol of luxury compared with ordinary cars, with higher demands of the manufacturing process and technical capacity, and thus setting in reputation of the pickup manufacturers in the market and advance further into passenger segment with hardly any obstacles. Zhongxing Automobile has accumulated decades' pickup manufacturing and R & D experience to enter the passenger car market in the production and technical capabilities without too much difficulty. The five passenger products at Shanghai Auto Show also demonstrate Zhongxing Automobile's own R & D and manufacturing capabilities. Zhongxing Automobile is leading China's auto industry forward through its own efforts for the realization of the "China Dream".