COC is a professional competition of class A in China. As one of the top three competition, COC attracts amounts of automakers annually to involve in and favored by racers. ZX auto came into this completion and made its appearance glorious! We had Terraloard to fight with diesel car group.

The racer fighting alongwith Terralord was Jiang Guofan from Yunnan, who had numerous race experience and got champion in a lot of great completion at home. Mr. Jiang said, the reason he joined in ZX auto car group is that he admitted ZX auto’s capability and he also hoped to spread the competition spirits along with car group in order to let people know well about Pickup culture.

In 2017, Terralord came out for fighting with full strength and began its new journey!

Shanxi Tachai station ( July 7-10, 2017)

From July 7-10, after four days of nervous, fierce, splendid competition, 2017 Shanxi Tachai COC of Jinyang Anshun Cup ended perfectly! We had a visual feast in this fierce competition played by 30+ car groups, 100+ race cars and 200+ racers from 10+ provinces like Beijing, Hubei, Shanxi, Henan, Yunnan, Hebei and so on.

Tachai competition field is about 100mu. The track is set up with puddle, hump, drift bending, 6 continuous mountain peaks, stairs road, aerodyne stage and other barriers. The increased race range made the race time longer, which requested comprehensive performance of race cars and greater courage and skills from racers. The race difficulty was bigger and the process was more fierce.

In this race, Terralord appeared “champion feature”. Relying on victory confidence, great skills, and reliable performance of Terralord, we treated the harsh road condition calmly with speed and passion. Finally, we got the champion in the diesel car group by 6minutes 15 seconds 82.


Beijing Huairou Station (June 30-July 3, 2017)

From June 30-July 3, 2017, the 11# COC was held in Beijing Baihewan Auto Park as scheduled. This annual car feast attracted 40 car groups, 127 car racers for registering from Hebei, Liaoning, Sichuan, Yunnan and so on, which played a field version of speed and passion! As one of three top auto race at home, Liulimiao station was known by the name of cruelest track in the history. The terrain was compacted, barrier intensity was big. The worse track throw most stringent test to race cars and racers, which also bought more unknown to race results.

The finals were more fierce. Sand was flying; rocks were scrolling, mudflow was splashing, smoke was spreading. Terralord ran fast on the way. No matter deep pool, shell hole, mudstone winding course or continuous flying over slopes, all of them were easy to get through. Finally, Terralord got the second place in the finals relying on its stable performance and excellent capability of racer!


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